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Our dedicated dentists in Gungahlin care
about your smile

At Gungahlin Dental Surgery, we're ready to give you the confidence 
to smile again!

Gungahlin Dental Surgery is owned and operated by Dr. Dominic Vu (B.D.S. Sydney University) who has 23 years’ experience in all areas of dental care.

Dominic and his team of caring dentists are constantly learning about new technologies, developments in dental materials and holistic oral hygiene, and ensuring that our patients receive the best care possible.

If you have a dental issue, call Dominic and his team for comprehensive, fast, and compassionate service.

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Qualified dentists

To provide Gungahlin’s patients with quality dental care, owner Dominic Vu only employs dentists who are fully qualified in their area of expertise. Only fully trained, professional and respected dentists, such as our current practicing dentist, Dominic Vu, have years of experience that they put to use to best serve our patients.

transparent service

Here at our dental practice in Gungahlin, our caring dentists will always provide you with a few options and agree with you which is the right one, given your problem, budget, and availability. We offer a completely transparent service, so you have some control over the treatment you are receiving. A large part of Gungahlin Dental Surgery’s aim is to make visits to the dentist as enjoyable as possible.

To book an appointment with our friendly dentists in Gungahlin,

call us now on 02 6242 7288.

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